We are known here for our holistic medicine, but sometimes people forget we are a full-service veterinary hospital offering full medicine and surgery. When we recommend surgery, especially “elective” or non-life saving surgeries, like dental cleanings, the most natural reaction is for our pet parents to fear the anesthesia.

What we want you to know is that we use the same care and commitment to excellence with anesthesia and surgery that we use when choosing safe vaccines, medicines, and other treatments for your pets. Everything we do here is well thought out and dictated by what we would expect and want for our own pets.

First, we do not make pre-operative bloodwork optional. It is not optional for us to ensure your pet is healthy enough to metabolize the anesthesia out of his or her body. We also take the time to place an IV catheter prior to surgery to make sure we have immediate access to their veins in case they need adjustments in their medications while under anesthesia. Sure, this results in your pet’s leg having a shaved area, but we think it is a small price to pay for safety. The type of anesthesia we use in your pets is short-acting and metabolized out of the body quickly while your pet is transitioned to gas anesthesia that they can breathe out of their bodies quickly when they are ready to wake from their procedure.

We have invested in equipment to keep your pet safe and comfortable, including warming blankets and specialized monitoring equipment, as well as trained personnel to monitor and care for your pet every step of the way. For example, while having your pet’s teeth cleaned, one technician or nurse is dedicated to anesthesia while another focuses on the teeth. The veterinarian caring for your pet is scheduled only for surgeries and dental on that particular day so that they can be present to monitor your pet carefully.

At The Veterinary Hospital of Davidson, we are fully committed to giving the best and safest care possible to your pets. Rest assured, your babies are in good hands with us!

Dr. Nicole Sheehan